Below is a list of Latin Words filtered by their first letter

Latin words are the foundation of most all modern languages. Think about it, without Latin where would you be, you wouldn't have nearly half the words in the modern English dictionary. So then you ask, "well if Latin words served as the foundation for modern language, what's the point of knowing it?" - Answer: Too many to list! Here are the most popular reasons to utilize the Latin vocabulary:

  1. Crossword puzzles and Scrabble
  2. Creating a unique domain name and/or business name
  3. Sounding intelligent in conversations
  4. Impress the opposite sex with your cultured dialect
  5. Growing your vocabulary in general

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Latin words that start with A

  • Addo
    to give, bring, place, / inspire, cause, / add, join
  • Animus
    courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul
  • Adficio
    to affect, afflict, weaken, sap, exhaust, drain
  • Adhuc
    till then, till now, still, even now, besides, also, yet
  • Aequus Equus
    level, even, calm, equal, favorable, just
  • Alo (alui Altum)
    nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, keep
  • Agnosco
    to know again, recognize, report, understand, admit
  • Animus
    character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often mind
  • Attero
    to weaken, ruin, rub against, rub away, erode
  • Adflicto Affligo
    to injure, weaken, discourage, damage, break
  • Amplitudo
    size, breadth, dignity, grandeur, greatness
  • Attero
    destroy, waste, weaken, impair
  • Auxilium
    aid, help, assistance, support
  • Autem
    moreover, however, but, also
  • Acquiro
    to acquire, gain, get, obtain
  • Antepono
    (+ dat) put before, prefer, favor, promote
  • Acer
    sharp, keen, eager, severe, fierce
  • Arx Arcis
    citadel, stronghold, fortress, keep, donjon
  • Autus
    increase, enlargement, growth
  • Amo
    to love, like, be fond of, cherish
  • Attollo
    to raise, lift up, elevate / excite, exalt
  • Aperio
    to uncover, lay bare, reveal, make clear
  • Adeo
    to approach, visit, come to, undertake
  • Amplexus
    amplio : to enlarge, increase, improve
  • Adfero Affero
    to cause, bring about, contribute
  • Agnosco
    to recognize, understand, perceive
  • Adduco
    to lead, induce, persuade
  • Accipio
    to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take
  • Abduco
    to lead, or take away / detach, withdraw
  • Adepto
    to obtain, get, acquire
  • Arguo
    to show, make clear, attempt to show
  • Aptus
    suitable, appropriate, fitting
  • Adiuvo
    to help, aid, assist
  • Animadverto
    to turn the mind to, take notice of, see, perceive

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Latin words that start with B

» View more latin words that start with B

Latin words that start with C

  • Constituo
    to arrange, decide, appoint, settle, found, set up
  • Consumo
    to spend, employ, use up, finish, waste away, destroy
  • Consilium
    advice, suggestion, wisdom, plan, purpose, judgment
  • Cogito
    to think, ruminate, ponder, consider, plan
  • Contineo
    to keep in, surround, contain, confine, include
  • Constituo
    to set up, place, establish, post, station
  • Concedo
    to concede, yield, allow, grant, withdraw, give up
  • Contineo
    to touch, reach, grasp, affect, infect
  • Consulo
    to reflect, consider, ponder, reflect
  • Coerceo
    surround, enclose, restrain, confine
  • Clarus
    clear, bright / renowned, famous, illustrious
  • Cupido
    passion, desire, wanting, yearning, longing
  • Corrumpo
    to break up, destroy, annihilate / spoil, weaken
  • Conspicio
    to catch sight of, perceive, behold, understand
  • Conservo
    to preserve, conserve, maintain, keep, hold to
  • Casso
    to bring to naught, destroy, annul, make void
  • Cresco (cretum)
    to grow, increase, expand
  • Comminuo
    to scatter, weaken, damage
  • Commodum
    suitable time, opportunity, convenience, use
  • Commisceo
    to intermingle, join, mix
  • Crebro
    repeatedly, often, one after the other, time after time
  • Cum
    (with subjunctive) when, as, while, since, although
  • Condico
    to agree, fix, settle, make arrangements
  • Cohibeo
    confine, restrain, hold back, repress
  • Commodum
    convenience, advantage, opportunity, comfort
  • Celeritas
    speed, swiftness, rapidity, quickness
  • Circumvenio
    to come around, surround, cheat, defraud
  • Certo
    to contend, settle, dispute, to settle by combat
  • Conscientia
    conscience, consciousness, knowledge
  • Contego
    to cover, shield, protect, defend
  • Constringo Constrixi Constrictum
    to bind, confine, restrain
  • Cerno
    to separate, sift, distinguish / decide, resolve, determine
  • Colo Colui Cultum
    cultivate, cherish
  • Capio
    to seize, take, choose / attack, injure / comprehend

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Latin words that start with D

» View more latin words that start with D

Latin words that start with E

  • Exhibeo Exibeo
    to produce, show, display, offer, allow, cause
  • Exhibeo
    to show, present, allow, display, present, offer
  • Exigo
    complete, finish, determine, decide, settle
  • Exitus
    going out, going forth, exit, end, finish
  • Excellentia
    excellence, merit, worth
  • Effero Extuli Elatum
    to carry out, bury, lift up, exalt
  • Expleo Explevi Expletum
    to fill, fill up, complete, finish
  • Expugno
    to capture, overcome, subdue, take by storm, gain
  • Eo Ire Itum
    to go, advance, proceed, travel, move along, progress
  • Egredior
    to go out, leave, depart, exit
  • Exsequor
    to maintain, keep up, carry out, fulfill, accomplish
  • Eximius
    extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb
  • Eximo
    to free, release, take out, remove, waste
  • Expedio
    to release, set free, clear, set straight
  • Exigo
    drive out, force out, exact, demand, sell
  • Exsequor
    to execute, avenge, punish / relate, describe, explain
  • Expedio
    to free from a snare, disentangle, set free, ready
  • Experior (experiri Expertus )
    to try, test, experience, prove
  • Eventus
    consequence, issue, result, occurrence, experience
  • Efficio
    to do, produce, effect, make / bring about, cause / prove
  • Exquisitus
    sought after, exquisite, excellent, fine, delicate
  • Excolo
    to honor (a deity), polish, adorn, refine, serve
  • Excito
    call forth, bring about, wake, raise up
  • Effectus
    doing, execution, performance, effect, result
  • Exsto
    to stand out, be extant, appear, project, show itself
  • Extollo
    to lift up, raise up, erect / elevate, exalt
  • Exorior
    to rise, spring up, issue, appear, come forward
  • Expono (exposui Expositum )
    to set forth, explain, expose
  • Excessum
    departure, death, digression
  • Evoco
    to draw out, draw on, produce, recall to the colors
  • Expello (expuli Expulsum )
    to drive out, expel, force out, banish
  • Emineo
    to stand out, project, be remarkable, conspicuous
  • Expeto
    to demand, require / desire, strive after, make for
  • Exsertus Exertus
    project, thrust forward

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Latin words that start with F

» View more latin words that start with F

Latin words that start with G

  • Grassor
    go about, go ahead, proceed, attack
  • Gaudium
    joy, delight, happiness
  • Gregatim
    adv, In flocks, herds, troops, crowds
  • Gens
    clan, race, nation, people, tribe
  • Gratia
    gratitude, favor
  • Gratia
    (in the abl) on account of
  • Gregatim
    in troops, or crowds
  • Gratia
    in order to, for the sake of, to
  • Gravitas
    weight, seriousness, dignity, importance
  • Genus
    kind, sort, class, category
  • Gero
    to carry, bear, wear / bear, give birth to / to carry about
  • Gigno
    to bring forth, bear, beget, father
  • Gravatus
    sick, oppressed, ill
  • Gravis
    heavy, weighty, serious, important / severe, grievous
  • Gravo
    to oppress, burden, make suffer
  • Gesto
    to carry, bear about
  • Gestum
    carriage, bearing / having borne
  • Gladius
  • Gestum
    carrying about, conduct (oneself)
  • Gloria
    fame, renown, glory
  • Gemo
    to sigh, groan, wail
  • Glacialis
    icy, frozen, full of ice
  • Gratus
    pleasing, agreeable / grateful
  • Gusto
    to taste
  • Graviter
    heavily, seriously
  • Gratulor
    to wish a person joy, congratulate (+dat),give thanks
  • Grando Onis
  • Gratia Agere
    (+ dat) to thank
  • Glorior
    to glory, boast, pride oneself
  • Galea
  • Gandavum
  • Gemblacensis

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Latin words that start with H

» View more latin words that start with H

Latin words that start with I

  • Impedio
    entangle, ensnare, obstruct, surround, hinder, prevent
  • Iam
    moreover, henceforth, indeed, just, further
  • Inritus Irritus
    void, invalid, in vain, useless, ineffectual
  • Irritus
    vain, useless, ineffectual, of not effect
  • Irritus
    undecided, void, unfixed, of no effect
  • Iam
    now, by now, already / presently, immediately, soon
  • Iudicium
    judgment, decision, opinion, trial
  • Iacio
    to throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse
  • Impetus
    attack, onset, rapid motion / impulse, passion, force
  • Invado
    to assail, usurp, seize, attack, fall upon
  • Iustus
    just, right, equitable
  • Inanis
    empty, vain, inane
  • Induco Indux Inductum
    to lead in, introduce, induce, influence
  • Iudico
    to judge, consider
  • Imperium
    power to command, authority, command, rule, control
  • Intumesco
    to swell up, increase, swell with anger
  • Importo
    to bring in, introduce, import / bring upon, cause
  • Insequor
    to follow, pursue, assail, reproach, rebuke, attack
  • Indo (past Indidi)
    to establish, cause, occasion
  • Induco
    bring in, introduce, induce, persuade / decide
  • Iuvo
    to help, aid, assist / to please
  • Impetro
    to get, accomplish, effect, obtain (by asking)
  • Idoneus
    proper, worthy, fitting, deserving, capable
  • Incurro
    to run into, assail, attack, raid into, come upon
  • Improbus
    inferior, bad, wicked, persistent, perverse, bold
  • Ille Illa Illud
    that, the former, the famous / he, she, it
  • Iniuria
    injury, damage, hurt / injustice, wrong
  • Instruo
    to built in, set up, construct, furnish / train
  • Intellego Intellexi Intellectum
    to understand, comprehend, see
  • Interficio Interfeci Interfectum
    to kill, murder, slay
  • Igitur
    therefore, consequently, for this reason
  • Inclutus / Inclitus
    celebrated, famous, renowned
  • Ita
    so, thus
  • Impendeo
    to hang over, threaten, menace, be imminent

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Latin words that start with J

  • Judicium
    trial, legal investigation, judgement, decision
  • Jaculum
    dart, javelin
  • Juvenis
    young man, youth
  • Juventus
    the age of youth (20-40 years)
  • Jugis
    adj continual, ceaseless, perennial, constant
  • Jumentum
    draft animal
  • Jugiter
    continually, perpetually, constantly / instantly

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Latin words that start with L

» View more latin words that start with L

Latin words that start with M

» View more latin words that start with M

Latin words that start with N

  • Novus
    novel, unusual, extraordinary / news, novelty, a new thing
  • Nusquam
    nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never
  • Nutus
    a nodding, nod, command, will
  • Novus
    new, fresh, young, inexperienced, revived, refreshed
  • Novitas
    newness, novelty, strangeness
  • Nunc
    now, at the present time
  • Nutrio
    to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear
  • Nota
    mark, token, note, sign
  • Numerus
    total, category, class, number
  • Narro
    to make known, say, speak, narrate
  • Nequaquam
    by no means, not at all
  • Nimirum
    of course, undoubtedly, certainly (sometimes ironical)
  • Nutus
    a nod, command, will / gravitation, movement down
  • Nitor
    to strive, exert oneself, make an effort, persevere
  • Nuntio
    to announce, report, relate
  • Nitor
    brilliance, brightness, glow, elegance, splendor
  • Nitor
    to rest, lean, support oneself / trust in, depend upon
  • Novo
    to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent
  • Nocens
    bad, wicked, injurious, culpable, evil
  • Niteo
    to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, be sleek, flourish
  • Neco
    to kill, slay, put to death
  • Nefas
    wrong, sin
  • Negotium
    employment, business, task, occupation, pains
  • Natio
    nation, people
  • Nequitia Nequities
    worthlessness, badness, wickedness
  • Niveus
    white, snowy
  • No (nare Navi)
    to swim, float, fly, sail
  • Nuntius
    messenger, message
  • Nutrimens
    food, nourishment
  • Natura
  • Nimis
    (adv) too much, overmuch, excessively
  • Nimium
    (adv) too much, overmuch, excessively
  • Nullus
    not any, no, none
  • Nemo
    no one, nobody

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Latin words that start with O

  • Obduro
    to be hard, persist, endure, last, hold out
  • Ordinatio
    rule, government, order, arrangment, regulation
  • Officium
    duty, service, job
  • Ostendo
    show, reveal, present, make plain, declare
  • Offero
    to bring forward, place before, present, offer, expose
  • Obtineo
    to hold, keep, possess, maintain / to continue
  • Opinio
    opinion, report, rumor, conjecture, report
  • Ops Singular
    power, power to aid, power to help
  • Oppugno
    to fight against, attack, assault, assail
  • Occurro
    to fall upon, attack, work against, counteract
  • Opes
    (pl) means, wealth, abundance, riches, resources
  • Oportunitas
    convenience, fitness, advantage, opportunity
  • Occupo
    to take possession, grasp, seize, enjoy, get a start on
  • Otium
    free time, leisure, ease, peace, repose
  • Opportunus
    opportune, fit, convenient, suitable
  • Opera
    work, pains, labor
  • Opus Operis
    work, labor, work done, completed work, building
  • Obstinatus
    firm, resolved, staunch
  • Operor
    to work, labor, toil, take pains
  • Omnino
    altogether, entirely, wholly, certainly, completely
  • Olim
    at that time, formerly, once, for a long time now
  • Onero
    to load, burden, oppress, fill up
  • Opportunitas
    fitness, suitability, convenience, advantage
  • Orno
    to equip, furnish, supply / decorate, adorn
  • Oro
    to speak, argue, plead, orate, beg, entreat
  • Obsequium
    indulgence, pliancy, submission
  • Opportunus
    fit, suitable / (time) favorable / (+dat) liable to
  • Onus
    load, burden, weight, trouble / charge, public road tax
  • Omnis
    all, every
  • Obtestor
    to implore, entreat, beg, call as a witness
  • Otium
    ease, leisure, inactivity
  • Ornatus
    dress, attire, equipment, ornament, embellishment
  • Oratio
    speech, address, oration
  • Occido Occidi Occasum
    to fall, fall down, (for the sun) to set

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Latin words that start with P

  • Puto
    to clear, settle up, consider, think, believe, suppose, judge
  • Plenus
    full, complete, full, satisfied, rich, mature, plump
  • Praesto Presto
    to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present
  • Praeda Preda
    plunder, booty, spoils of war, loot, gain, prey
  • Perdo
    to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander
  • Pendo
    to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem
  • Proficio
    advance, assist, help, aid, be of use
  • Prope
    near, nearly, not far from, just now, closely
  • Progressus
    advance, going forward, increase, a royal circuit
  • Proventus
    a growing up, increase, crop, yield, or issue
  • Prohibeo
    to prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid
  • Pertinax
    persistent, firm, mean, stubborn, obstinate
  • Percipio Percepi Perceptum
    to gain, learn, perceive, understand
  • Praeclarus Preclarus
    excellent, famous, beautiful, striking
  • Pulcher Pulchra Pulchrum
    beautiful, handsome, fine
  • Placitum
    judgment, case / plea, litigation / defense
  • Perfectus
    complete, finished, done / perfect, without flaw
  • Progredior
    to go forth, advance, proceed, go out
  • Pessum Do
    to destroy, ruin, wreck
  • Prehendo
    to seize, snatch, grasp, detain, arrest
  • Progressio
    advance, progress, increase
  • Peracto
    to carry through, complete, accomplish
  • Procedo
    to go ahead, proceed, advance, continue
  • Propono
    display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise
  • Praesentia Presencia
    power, effect
  • Patrocinor
    to protect, defend, support, patronize
  • Patior
    to suffer, endure, permit
  • Positus
    position, place, arrangment
  • Proveho
    to carry on, carry forward, advance, promote,
  • Pono Posui Positum
    to lay, place, put, set / (milit) post, station
  • Potestas
    power, ability, authority / opportunity
  • Prudentia
    foresight, wisdom, discretion
  • Polleo
    to be strong, powerful, able
  • Prohibitio
    prohibition, restrain, forbidding

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Latin words that start with Q

» View more latin words that start with Q

Latin words that start with R

  • Rectus
    right, correct, proper, upright, natural, plain
  • Reddo
    to repeat, recite, represent, imitate, pay up, deliver
  • Reddo
    to give back, restore, return, answer, translate, render
  • Reprehendo
    to blame, reprove, refute, hold back, check, catch
  • Ratio
    system, manner, method, procedure, manner
  • Requiro
    to ask for, look for, demand, desire, miss
  • Rubor
    redness, blush, modesty, shame, disgrace
  • Repeto
    to return to, begin again, deduce, recall, recollect
  • Retineo
    to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain
  • Ratio
    reckoning, account / reason, judgment, consideration
  • Reperio
    to get again, find, ascertain, discover, invent
  • Relaxo
    to loosen, enlarge, relax, ease, lighten
  • Recolo
    reflect upon, consider, recall
  • Repleo
    to replenish, fill up, fill up again, fill, satisfy
  • Repens
    sudden, unexpected, fresh, recent
  • Res Rei
    thing, matter, business, affair
  • Renuntio
    to declare, announce, report, give notice
  • Rectum
    virtue, right
  • Recordatio
    recollection, memory, recall
  • Rumor
    rumor, gossip
  • Rideo Risi Risum
    to laugh at, laugh
  • Regnum
    rule, authority, kingdom, realm
  • Recognosco
    to recognize, recollect, recall
  • Recolo
    to recall, reflect upon, rework, resume, rehabilitate
  • Rudimentum
    trial, attempt, essay
  • Recro
    to recreate, restore, revive
  • Recedo
    to go back, retreat, retire, disappear
  • Rapio Rapui Ratum
    to seize, snatch, carry away
  • Reverto
    to go back, return, revert
  • Remaneo
    to remain behind, stay, continue
  • Restituo
    restore, put back, replace, reinstate, repair
  • Recipio Recepi Receptum
    to go back, retire, recede, retreat
  • Recordor
    to remember, think of, recollect, ponder over
  • Redeo
    to go back, come back, return / (revenue) to come in

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Latin words that start with S

  • Suscipio
    to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake
  • Super
    (adv) over, above, besides, beyond, moreover, remaining
  • Solvo
    to loosen, untie, release, free, dissolve, break up
  • Servo
    to watch over, keep, protect, observe, save, reserve
  • Singularis
    alone, unique, extraordinary, individual, singular
  • Scisco
    investigate, ask, inquire / vote, ordain, resolve
  • Sino
    allow, suffer, permit, let
  • Sentio
    feel, perceive, experience, hold an opinion,
  • Somnium
    dream, fancy, day-dream / foolishness, nonsense
  • Saluto
    to wish well, greet, visit, reverence, pay respect to
  • Scelus Sceleris
    crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness
  • Speciosus
    beautiful, handsome, imposing / specious plausible
  • Securus
    safe, secure, free from care, unworried, unconcerned
  • Sepelio
    to ruin, destroy, bury
  • Silentium
    silence, stillness, quiet, repose, obscurity
  • Sicut
    as, just as, as it were, (+verb in subj) just as if
  • Suffragium
    vote, franchise / approval support, aid, assistance
  • Salus
    health, safety, well-being, salvation / salutation
  • Siquidem
    since, indeed
  • Subvenio
    to come to the aid, succor, relieve, help, assist
  • Sentio
    to judge, suppose, vote
  • Sane
    rationally, sensibly, really, indeed, to be sure
  • Succurro
    to run up under / aid, assist, help
  • Subiungo
    to yoke beneath, join, attach, subdue, subjugate
  • Solus
    alone, only, the only
  • Similis
    similar, like, resembling
  • Sanitas
    health, soundness of mend, sanity
  • Statuo
    to cause to stand, establish, place, set up
  • Sustineo
    to hold up, sustain, endure
  • Sermo
    talk, common talk, rumor, report, discussion
  • Suggero
    to bring up, supply, provide, add, attach place next
  • Salvus
    safe, sound
  • Spargo Sparsi Sparsum
    scatter, strew, spread
  • Sic
    so, thus / yes, that is so, that is right

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Latin words that start with T

» View more latin words that start with T

Latin words that start with U

  • Utilitas
    utility, usefulness
  • Utilis
    useful, advantageous, helpful
  • Usus
    use, experience, skill, advantage
  • Universitas
    the whole, total, universe, world / university
  • Universum
    universe, the world
  • Ut
    (+ subj) (purpose) in order that, to, that
  • Utor Uti Usus
    to use, employ, possess, enjoy / associate with, find
  • Utpote
    adv namely, seeing that, inasmuch as, since
  • Utique
    at any rate, certainly, at least
  • Utpote
    seeing that, inasmuch as
  • Uterque
    (gen utriusque) both, each side, each party
  • Ubi
    when, as soon as / wherein, whereby, whereas
  • Unus
    one, only one, at the same time / single, alone
  • Utrimque
    from both sides, on both sides
  • Ultra
    (+ acc) beyond, on the far side of
  • Universus
    combined in one, whole, entire
  • Ustulo
    to burn, scorch, singe
  • Umquam
    ever, at any time
  • Universe
    generally, in general
  • Undique
    from all sides, everywhere, on all sides, altogether
  • Usitas
    customary, usual
  • Ultio Ultionis
    avenging, punishment, revenge
  • Uxor
    wife, spouse
  • Us
    foreign, acquired
  • Urbs Urbis
  • Umbra
    shade, shadow
  • Urbanus
    urban, urbane, pertaining to the city
  • Ulciscor
    to take vengeance for, avenge / take vengeance on
  • Ulterius
    farther, more advanced, more remote
  • Umerus Humerus
    shoulder, upper arm
  • Ultra
    farther (than), more (than)
  • Unde
    whence, from where / how, from whom
  • Uberrime
    most luxuriantly, most abundantly, most fruitfully
  • Uredo
    a plant blight

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Latin words that start with V

» View more latin words that start with V

Latin words that start with W

» View more latin words that start with W

Latin words that start with X

» View more latin words that start with X

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