Definition: Claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate.

The Latin phrase for Assume is Vindico (vindicatum), Vindico (vindicatum) is defined as: claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate. To view supplementary Latin Phrases that share homogeneous meanings with Vindico (vindicatum), please visit the: Vindico (vindicatum) - Assume Latin Phrase page.

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Other Latin Phrases with similar meanings as Assume

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Latin Words for Assume: vindico (vindicatum) vindico sumo

Additional Latin Phrases and definitions for Assume

As mentioned above, our Latin search algorithm has made you're life that much easier by preparing a list of Latin Words with similar sustenance as Assume. Click the links of the Latin keywords above and browse to another page full of more interesting Latin Word information, definitions and lists. Or take the shortcut by viewing below the Latin phrases with correlative meanings to Vindico (vindicatum).

vindico (vindicatum)
claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate.
to liberate, deliver / punish, avenge / claim, assume.
to take, choose, obtain, buy. / take for granted, assume.
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