Definition: Deliberation, consultation, assembly, council.

The Latin Word Consilium has many meanings, mainly: deliberation, consultation, assembly, council. To view more Latin Words that start with the letter C, please visit: Latin Words that begin with the letter C. Can't find what your looking for? Don't worry, we have thousands of other Latin Words for you to browse through. You are after all on the fastest growing Latin Word resource site on the internet!

Consilium shares similar meaning with and/or has multiple Latin Word interpretations for the following Latin Words: Cogito, Concilium, Congregatio, Consilium, Consulatio, Conventus, Decretum, Finis, Iudicium, Placitum, Propositum, Prudentia, Ratio, Sapientia and Sententia.

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If you enjoy playing crossword puzzles, a good old fashioned game of Scrabble, or just wish to build your Latin vocabulary - these Latin Word definitions can teach you what Latin terms are being searched for from people all over the world!

  1. Latin Word for Deliberation

  2. Latin Word for Consultation

  3. Latin Word for Assembly

  4. Latin Word for Council

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to gather together, collect, assemble
to compare, contrast / compete
delayer, procrastinator,
to ask the advice of, consult
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